Publications & resources

Publications and resources

It is Legal Aid Ontario's intention to have all relevant documents and reports available for viewing via this website. If you are looking for a specific document but are unable to find it listed here then please email us at

If you are a member of the media looking for more information regarding LAO and/or its operations please refer to our Media contact section.

The section of the LAO site contains:


For more information on Legal Aid Ontario and the services we provide we have several of our print brochures available for review online.


Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) has recently begun consulting with stakeholders regarding some of the new initiatives it is introducing. LAO encourages panel lawyers to participate and provide their feedback.

Proactive disclosure

Legal Aid Ontario is a government funded organization and is committed to transparency in its operations. To this end we have a number of our expense records listed here for public review.


A collection of reports prepared by LAO. This includes copies of our Annual Report, proposals and reviews of our operations.


This section contains various documents, such as manuals and reports, that may be of interest to those seeking legal help or to lawyers working with legal aid.

Useful links

A collection of links to other online resources to assist you with your inquiries about legal aid, the law and justice in Ontario.