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Updated policies for the government’s new court transcript fee model

Posted: Friday, June 20, 2014

Further to MAG’s announcement in May about its new model for ordering court transcripts, LAO has updated its own policies regarding advance payments to lawyers and deposits to transcriptionists.

For orders placed on or after June 9, 2014:

  • LAO will provide lawyers with an advance of up to two-thirds of the estimated cost of expensive transcripts
  • Lawyers may pay a deposit and remit payment based on the agreement negotiated with the transcriptionist. Lawyers can submit a request to LAO for any additional amount they require when they receive the final invoice from the transcriptionist

In addition, please keep in mind that transcriptionists, unless advised otherwise, will provide transcripts for a bail review in two days and charge the expedite rate. When ordering transcripts for a bail review, lawyers need to clearly indicate that they do not need these transcripts within two days, assuming this is the case. LAO does not generally pay expedite rates.

LAO will update its Disbursements Handbook to reflect the new policies. The handbook will also be updated with rates that reflect the new government-mandated model for court reporting and transcription of legal proceedings.

Order transcripts or obtain more information on the new model for ordering transcripts.


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