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How the government’s court transcript fee increase will affect you

Friday, May 16, 2014

Further to MAG’s recent announcement, lawyers will soon be required to bill more for transcripts from the court of appeal as well as Ontario and supreme courts of justice. The new fees, effective May 1, 2014, comply with a new government-mandated model for court reporting and transcript production — the first in 22 years.

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) will pay requests submitted to transcribers on or after May 1, 2014 under the new rates. LAO is also developing new policies that reflect the new model, and will advise panel lawyers of the details in late May.

Previous rates vs. rates as of May 1, 2014


Previous rate
(under O. Reg. 587/91 of the Administration of Justice Act)

Rate effective May 1, 2014
(under O. Reg. 94/14, Fees for Court Transcripts)

Transcription of first copy
  • $3.20 per page for non-Court of Appeal transcript
  • $3.75 per page for Court of Appeal transcript (Ministry will reproduce copies required)
  • $4.30 per page for a certified original*.
  • Harmonized Court of Appeal rate with other levels of court
  • Ministry will reproduce copies required for Court of Appeal
Expedite (within five business days) Not applicable (N/A) $6.00 per page for a certified original*.
Daily (within 24 hours) N/A $8.00 per page for a certified original*.
Electronic reproduction (orders placed subsequent to the original) N/A $20.00 per transcript
Paper reproduction (orders placed subsequent to the original) $0.55 per page $0.55 per page for a certified hard copy*.
Minimum fee N/A $20.00 per transcript
Transcript not required N/A
  • $22 (per day, per case) for a copy of the digital court recording or
  • $10.50 (per day, per case) for a subsequent day’s recording, for requests made at the same time

*Electronic copy provided for no extra charge for requests made at same time as the request for a hard copy original


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