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LAO’s RAD pilot to fund transcripts for refugee appeals

Posted on: Monday, August 19, 2013

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) will now be paying legal aid refugee lawyers up to $500 to cover the cost of Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) transcripts.

LAO’s RAD Committee will review requests for transcript coverage at the same time it assesses legal merit and the likelihood of success. If the committee approves the request, LAO will add the disbursement to the certificate, and fund the transcription cost up to $3.20 per page or $2.13 per minute to a maximuim of $500. In exceptional circumstances, LAO will pay above the $500 maximum if the district area director approves.

As transcripts are costly and the RAD pilot program has a fixed budget of $500,000, LAO requests that lawyers carefully consider whether partial or entire transcripts are needed to support their appeals. The program, originally to run from March to September 2013, will continue until funds have been depleted. To date, LAO has spent $80,000 on RAD matters.

LAO will continue to review its RAD program to assess the costs and benefits for clients. This assessment will inform LAO’s long-term strategy for refugee appeals.


Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) merit assessment


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