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LAO continues making improvements to Legal Aid Online

Posted on: Friday, February 8, 2013

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) is making a series of enhancements to Legal Aid Online this month to help you bill for work done at court more accurately.

Wording for trial outcomes

In response to lawyer feedback, LAO has made the wording for trial outcomes clearer and easier to understand. The revisions will help prevent lawyers from inadvertently selecting the wrong option, which may lead to incorrect payment of accounts.

LAO has revised much of the help text throughout Legal Aid Online as well to make instructions clearer, more concise and that they align with the current resources available on LAO’s website.

Disbursement summary

Now, you will be able to view all of your previously billed invoices when you submit disbursements through Legal Aid Online. The overview will be displayed in an easy-to read chart and include the total amounts to date, so you can keep track.

An invoice option has also been added to the menu so you may attach disbursement invoices when requested. Attaching the relevant documents will reduce the need for LAO to contact lawyers for further details about accounts, which means they can be settled quicker.

Block fees

LAO has modified the block fee page to increase the accuracy of dates entered on the account submission page. Reminders have been added to ensure accuracy of the following:

  • Bail block, JPT and charter dates are earlier than the resolution date
  • Dates criminal charges are set for trial are earlier that the date the account is being submitted

Minor charge by indictment

LAO has added a notice that prompts you to confirm that the “Election or Type of Offence” proceeded by way of indictment instead of summarily. This will help to decrease the number of errors entered into the system.

Criminal enhancers for non-BCM accounts

LAO has added a column to the billing page to show the number of enhancers you have previously billed. The system has also been modified to remind you that you may only bill one item per set of charges if you enter the incorrect amount.

Legal Aid Ontario is continuing to look at ways to make Legal Aid Online more a more efficient tool for you to use. Last year, improvements to the web-based billing system included the acceptance of late invoices electronically, and tracking billing limits online.


Legal Aid Online - 2013 billing page enhancements


For questions or further information, please contact the Lawyer Service Centre at 1 866 979-9934 or 416 979-9934 in Toronto.