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Give us your feedback on our consultation and training sessions

Posted on: Thursday, January 2013

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) wants to hear from you if you attended one of our consultation or training sessions over the last two months. Let us know what worked and what didnít.

As new initiatives are rolled out, LAO consults with stakeholders to give them a chance to provide their feedback. Recent consultations have focused on discretion, clinic compensation funding, case management and tariff pre-authorization, and refugee law services reform.

We also offer live, web-based and in-person training sessions to explain changes and new processes.

The confidential survey will help to improve future consultation and training sessions.

To provide us with your feedback, please complete the survey.


For questions or further information, please contact:

Kristian Justesen
Director, Communications and Public Affairs
Phone: 416-979-2352, ext. 4782
Email: and/or