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LAO fast-tracks financial eligibility confirmation for refugees seeking judicial review

Posted on: Friday, November 9, 2012

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) has responded to refugee lawyers’ requests to provide judicial review clients with confirmation of their financial eligibility as early as possible. This support helps lawyers avoid the need to expend their billable hours preparing merit assessment materials for financially ineligible clients.

When your clients contact LAO for a judicial review, LAO will now fill out an Application for Judicial Review – Financial Eligibility Decision form on their behalf, based on what they say about their financial eligibility. Your clients can then provide these completed forms to you.

The completed form is only an initial, unverified confirmation of a client’s financial eligibility as of the date LAO filled it in. Your clients may still be required to provide verification, in the form of supporting documentation, to their local district office within seven days, before LAO will approve the certificate for their judicial review.