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Enhancements to Legal Aid Online promote better billing

Posted on: Friday, October 5, 2012

Enhancements to Legal Aid Online for block fee accounts will help Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) better monitor accounts and promote better billing practices.

Kienapple – Withdrawal or stay of one of a pair of criminal charges now option on block fee outcome list

In cases where one of a pair of criminal charges is automatically withdrawn upon a plea to the other (Kienapple), lawyers are now required to select “Kienapple” from the list of block fee outcomes instead of “withdrawal” if the withdrawal is automatic on the plea to one of a pair of Kienapple charges (theft under/possession under, impaired/drive over 80).


Entering court locations before submitting accounts

A new tool on the account submission page makes it easier for you to accurately enter court addresses where the authorized criminal proceeding was heard.

Simply enter the name of the city where the courthouse is located, and click on the magnifying glass icon to select from a list of courthouses in that area.  For cities with multiple court locations be sure to select the appropriate court based on address.



If you enter an incorrect court location, a pop up message will appear informing you that the entry is invalid. Click on the icon for a complete list of Ontario’s courthouses, sorted by city, to find the correct location. 

The enhancement will help reduce the number of errors entered into the system.  It will also allow for better tracking and reporting of statistics for all dispositions legal aid lawyers complete.


For further information on these enhancements, contact the Lawyer Service Center (416) 979-9934 or 1-866-979-9934