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New! Lawyers able to submit requests through Legal Aid Online April 1

Posted on: Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A new section is being added to Legal Aid Online so lawyers can forward correspondence electronically to Lawyer Services & Payments (LSP) instead of by fax or mail.

Beginning, April 1, lawyers will be able to use the web-based tool to submit requests for review, disbursements, payment status and nearly all other certificate-related correspondence to LSP. Please note that dockets and requests for discretion are excluded from this and must continue to be sent as attachments to accounts. Dockets are only to be forwarded through the “Submit documents electronically to LSP” section if they cannot be attached to an account.

Once submitted, each document is recorded in the messaging system section of Legal Aid Online so lawyers have confirmation that Legal Aid Ontario has received it. Correspondence is then sent directly to a staff member, who can process the request sooner and pay the account faster.

In addition to being able to send documents electronically, lawyers will also be able to receive messages and correspondence from LSP through Legal Aid Online. This will help to promote quicker, more efficient communication between lawyers and Legal Aid Ontario.

Using Legal Aid Online to forward certificate-related correspondence is the most recent in a series of improvements Legal Aid Ontario is making to facilitate billing for legal aid services. Other changes include the implementation of pay- to-max and the acceptance of late invoices electronically.


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