LAO transformation includes more family law services in Newmarket

Posted on: Friday, January 29, 2010

In keeping with our mandate to provide high quality and cost-efficient legal aid services, LAO is using technology and innovation to streamline administration and increase front line client services to make legal aid help and information more easily available low-income Ontarians.


More legal aid service options available
LAO is tailoring criminal and immigration services to meet the needs of the Newmarket community. Clients can now access a full range of legal aid services and information in 120 different languages through LAO’s toll-free number (1-800-668-8258 and press 0).
Offering over-the-phone legal aid services in numerous languages provides a faster, more convenient access point to a growing community where transportation may pose a challenge.  LAO’s improved website is an additional resource point, making legal information more accessible to clients and lawyers. 


Family Law Service Centre
LAO’s legal aid office in Newmarket will be transitioning from a client intake office to a new Family Law Service Centre (17070 Yonge Street, Main Floor) in the coming months. The creation of a Family Law Service Centre (FYSC) at this site, with its proximity to the Newmarket courthouse at 50 Eagle Street West, responds to the specific family needs of the community and provides a one-stop resource for family law clients seeking information, support and legal services.

Legal Aid Ontario’s new approach improves coordination and accountability of legal aid services. The centre will triage clients so they get the right service at the right time -- streamlining and simplifying the process for clients such as victims of domestic violence, whose cases must go to court. The centre will also integrate education, information, support, early intervention and alternative dispute resolutions, such as mediation, to encourage parties to resolve disputes earlier in the process and possibly avoid court hearings wherever appropriate. This will allow vulnerable clients to function as effectively as possible after separation.

LAO in the Courthouse
As well, LAO will have an increased presence in the Newmarket court (50 Eagle Street West), to provide greater access to information and legal assistance to our clients with criminal, immigration and civil law matters. 


Improved management of legal aid services
Legal Aid Ontario’s new service delivery model improves the management of legal aid services and service providers across the province. Newmarket is now part of the GTA Region.  The Toronto office will act as the regional hub and support service providers, manage client services and build partnerships with local justice stakeholders in York Region.



“Legal Aid Ontario is pleased to be able to offer the members of this community more options to resolve family law matters. I look forward to continuing to working with justice partners in the York Region to ensure low-income Ontarians get access to the help they need.”
 – Ching Yuen Kitchen, Director, Newmarket Family Law Service Centre

“Legal Aid Ontario is committed to the use of innovation and technology to improve client services, focus resources more efficiently and support justice system reforms.”
 – Bob Ward, President and CEO, Legal Aid Ontario

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