For refugee and immigration lawyers

Sending LAO your refugee and immigration documents

Effective November 2016, refugee and Immigration panel lawyers will be able to attach requests for authorizations, merit assessments, and other documents related to refugee and immigration certificates via Legal Aid Online, including:

  • Judicial Review (JR) merit assessment materials

    • Merit assessments and any other supporting documents
    • Orders granting leave
    • Requests for JR hearing coverage
  • Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) merit assessment materials

    • Merit assessments
    • Any other supporting documents
  • Refugee Protection Division (RPD) authorization materials

    • BOCs
    • Requests for subsequent hearing authorizations
    • Requests for written submissions authorizations
    • RPD backdate requests
    • Legacy case extension requests
  • Materials for other immigration authorizations (any documents pertaining to any other immigration certificate, for example:

    • H&C applications
    • Pre-removal risk assessments
    • Detention reviews
    • IAD deportation/sponsorship appeals
    • Vacation/cessation hearings
    • Deferrals of removal, stay motions, etc.

To attach and submit electronic documents to Legal Aid Ontario, please follow this step by step process:

  1. After you’ve logged in to the Legal Aid Online home page, click on the Certificate tab.

    Screenshot of the Legal Aid Online welcome page. The certificate option on the top navigation menu is highlighted.
    Figure 1- Certificate tab
  2. On the new page, click on the “Certificate amendment/ authorization” link

    Screenshot of the Certificate page with the button option “Certificate amendment/authorization” highlighted.
    Figure 2.Certificate amendment/authorization link
  3. On the Certifcate Look Up Page, select the certicate number to which you want to attach documents.

    Screenshot of the Certificate Look Up page. Under Certificate Information is a list of Certificates. One of them is highlighted.
    Figure 3. Certificate Look Up Page
  4. On the Certificate information page. Click on the new Documents Attachments link to take you to the certificate document attachment page.

    Screenshot of the Certificate Information page. The button “Document Attachments” is highlighted. A note beside the highlighted Document Attachments” button says, “New link.”
    Figure 4. Document Attachments link
  5. Once on the Certificate Documents attachment page, complete five steps, as follows:

    Screenshot of the Certificate Documents Attachments page. The fields and buttons relating to the five steps are highlighted as follows: Step 1 is the Description field. Merit Assessment has been typed in as an examle. Step 2 is Document Code. Step 3 is Add Attachment. Step 4 is Add Comments. Step 5 is Submit.
    Figure 5. Document Attachement Page
    • Step 1. Fill in the Description field. Enter a short description of the document attached e.g. “merit assessment.”

    • Step 2. Click on the look up tool to select the document type e.g. ID code 100- JR Materials (see Figure 6).

      To attach multiple documents click on the Add New button (highlighted in Figure 5). NOTE: You will get an error message if you try to submit a document prior to adding it.

      Screenshot of the “Look-Up ID” window.
      Figure 6. Document ID look-up
    • Step 3: Attach the document: Click the Browse button and select the document you want to attach (see Figure 7).

      Screenshot of the “File Attachment” window. The “Browse” button is highlighted.
      Figure 7. Browse button
      • Removing a document attachment: To remove a document attachment, click on the delete tab in the same row as the Add new in Figure 5

      • Once the document has been selected, click Upload. (see Figure 8)

      Screenshot of the “Look-Up Documents” file attachment window. The upload button is highlighted.
      Figure 8. Upload button
    • Step 4: Enter any additional comments (see Figure 9). This is not a mandatory field. 1000 characters are available for any additional comments.

      Screenshot of the comments field. It has a box to type in comments, under the header, “Attachment Comments.” The sample text, “example comment” is in the box.
      Figure 9. Comments field
    • Step 5. Click on the “Submit Tab

      Once you have selected “Submit,” you will receive the following pop-up message to tell you that you have successfully submitted your document(s). (See Figure 10).

      Screenshot of the successful submission message window. Message reads “1 document submitted successfully @ November 16, 2016 – 08-20-19 PM (0,0)”
      Figure 10. Successfully submitted message box

    Once the document has been successfully submitted, the “Historical Attachment” section will display all the relevant details (see Figure 11). The Attachment and Comments remain available for viewing and/or printing.

    Screenshot of the historical attachments section showing the file submitted to the system.
    Figure 11. View historical attachments