Getting legal help

Making a motion to change without a lawyer

A motion to change is the process you use to ask a judge to change a final court order for:

  • support payments made at least six months ago (unless the court gave you permission to return sooner). You can also ask the judge to change an agreement for support payments that the court enforces. The agreement has to be at least six months old
  • custody
  • access
  • restraining/non‑harassment

To make a motion to change without a lawyer, follow the Ministry of the Attorney General's self‑help guide.

If you do not have a final court order, you may need to follow a different process. Ask a legal professional for help.

Documents and forms

There are several forms and documents that you need to give to the court when you make a motion to change. Use the Motion to change checklist to remember what you need.

Step one

Complete all the forms below. You must do this before you can ask the judge for your change.

  1. Form 15: Motion to Change
  2. Form 15A: Change of Information Form
    OR Form 14A: Affidavit
  3. Form 13: Financial Statement–Support Claims
    OR Form 13.1: Financial Statement–Property and Support Claims
  4. Form 13A: Certificate of Financial Disclosure
  5. Form 6B: Affidavit of Service

Step two

Use these guides to complete the motion to change process: