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Posted on: July 29 /2008

On this page you will find links to the:

  • PDFDiscussion Paper on Roles, Responsibilities, Relationships and Accountability Regarding Clinic Law Services
    Published in July, 2008

  • PDFConsultation Paper on the Roles, Responsibilities, Relationships & Accountabilities of LAO and Community Legal Clinics
    Published July 10 /08

  • Consultation Q & A - Answers to some of the mroe common asked questions regarding the consultations

Consultations organized by both the ACLCO and by LAO will be taking place across the province beginning in September. In addition, anyone interested in providing feedback to LAO on the discussion paper is invited to send a written submission to

The Questions and Answers section will be updated regularly with new questions as they are receieved.

If you have questions about the paper or the consultation process, contact the LAO VP in your region. If you are a staff or board member of a specialty clinic, contact the Director Communication & Innovation.

Central and Eastern Region
Randy Ellsworth
416-979-2352 Ext. 5406

Southwest & Northern Regions
Sue McCaffrey
416-204-7132 Ext. 7132

GTA Region
Rob Buchanan

Specialty Clinics
Heather Robertson
416-979-2352 Ext. 5450

Alternatively, you may ask questions by sending an e-mail to clinic


Currently consultatons are scheduled to begin in September, 2008. Watch this space for further updates.


If you have any questions please refer to our Questions & Answers page. If you need further information contact the LAO VP in your region (for contact info see left)