Public proceedings of the Board

Meeting of the Board of Directors on March 11, 2015


Board members present

John McCamus (Chair); Aly Alibhai; Nancy Cooper; Michelle Haigh; John Liston; James McNee; Derry Millar; Tim Murphy; James Yakimovich

1. Selection of executive recruitment consultant

On March 10, 2015, the Chair presented a briefing note setting out a process, as follows, for recruiting LAO’s next President and CEO upon the retirement of the current CEO:

  • The Succession Planning Committee of the Board will hire an executive recruitment firm.
  • The province has prequalified five executive recruitment firms on the basis of service standards and pricing. It is up to the province to do this because LAO is an ‘Operational Services’ agency, mandated to use a Vendor of Record (VOR) arrangement negotiated by the province to recruit for positions of, and/or equivalent to, a deputy minister or associate deputy minister.
  • The Succession Planning Committee will seek quotations and personal presentations from each of these firms and select one.

1.1 Decision

The Board approved the above process Via Outlook email messaging.