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Meeting of the Board of Directors on October 12, 2012


Board Members

John McCamus (Chair); Aly Alibhai; Nancy Cooper; Michelle Haigh; John Liston; James McNee; Derry Millar; Tim Murphy; James Yakimovich; Robert W. Ward, (CEO/Ex Officio)


Janet Budgell; Randall Ellsworth; Kristian Justesen; Sue McCaffrey; Stephanie Mealing; Vicki Moretti

Opening Items

1. Meeting Agenda


A motion was made and carried that the agenda be approved .

2. Conflict of Interest

No conflict of interest was identified.

3. Chair's Report

The Chair reported as follows:

Verbal Update

  • He had a productive meeting with the MAG Senior Advisor, Appointments. He advised that all Orders in Council are now current.
  • In August 2012, the responsibility for the publication of the Journal of Law and Social Policy was transferred from LAO's Clinic Resource Office to Osgoode Hall Law School.
  • On September 14, 2012, he travelled to Kenora with a Board Member and members of LAO staff for the presentation of the 2012 Sidney B. Linden Award to Peter G. Kirby.
  • He represented Legal Aid Ontario at the Opening of the Courts ceremony. He noted that the Chief Justice and Associate Chief Justice were particularly complimentary of LAO in their remarks.
  • He and the President met with the Refugee Lawyers' Association.
  • He met with the new Treasurer of the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC).
  • He noted that staff are preparing for the Board Retreat and Strategic Planning Session. He advised that a proposed list of topics will be circulated to Board members for comment and prioritization. He commented that the first Board training session is scheduled to take place in the afternoon immediately after the Board Retreat and Strategic Planning Session on December 7, 2012. He advised that the focus of the training will be Risk Assessment.

Board Advisory Committee Report

  • The Chair presented the Board Advisory Committee Report of the Spring 2012 meetings.
  • He reported that the Advisory Committees were provided with a general environmental report, plus individual additions for each of the eight committees.
  • He noted that, overall, committee members expressed their support for:
  • LAO's concern regarding low financial eligibility
    • The Discretion Project
    • The impact of new criminal legislation
    • The Mental Health Justice Strategy
  • He noted that Advisory Committee reporting now contains a summary of specific suggestions and advice from committee members.
  • He noted the invaluable contribution of Policy Counsel to the Advisory Committee process.

Pro-Active Disclosure of Chair's Expenses

  • The Chair reported expenses in the amount of $3,530.45 comprised of airfare for 7 persons to Kenora via Winnipeg for the presentation of the Sidney B. Linden Award, and the MasterCard annual fee.


A motion was made and carried that the Board receive the Chair's Report.

4. President and CEO's Report (receive)

The President and CEO presented the second instalment of the President's Report, and highlighted the following:

Clinic Transformation

  • The President presented an update on clinic transformation. Compensation Restraint
  • The President reported on management obligations with respect to pay-for-performance compensation. He advised that the compensation restraint initiative requires that management's base salary and bonus cannot exceed last year's level. He noted that any request for increased compensation for unionized employees must be approved by a central Provincial Government entity. He reported that contract negotiations with unionized workers are severely limited.

Proactive Disclosure of President and CEO Expenses

  • The President and CEO reported expenses of approximately $1,300.00 associated with travel to Yellowknife for the annual meeting of the Association of Legal Aid Plans of Canada (ALAPC). He noted as well that he and the Vice President, Policy, Planning and External Relations, attended a strategic planning session in Nova Scotia, and that Legal Aid Nova Scotia paid all expenses.


A motion was made and carried that the Board receive the President and CEO's Report.

Committee Reports

5. Minutes of September 12, 2012 Audit and Finance Committee Meeting


A motion was made and carried that the Board adopt the Minutes of the Audit and Finance Committee meeting held September 12, 2012.

6. consultation and Communications Update

The President and CEO introduced LAO's Director of Communications to present LAO's consultation plans for two initiatives launched over the past few months.

The Future of Discretion

  • The Director of Communications reported that the up-coming consultations will focus on mid-level case management and tariff pre-authorization. He noted the various opportunities to participate in the consultations, i.e.,
    • eight in-person sessions
    • webcasts across the Province
    • on-line consultation tool
  • He reported that case management guidelines are being developed which will include some feedback from criminal and family law lawyers.
  • He reported that there is no scheduled completion date as the results of the consultations will inform next steps.
  • He noted the plans utilize social media effectively.

Refugee Reform

  • The Director of Communications noted that the Refugee Reform consultation Plan is quite substantial. He noted the plan for in-person sessions in Toronto, Ottawa and Hamilton. He reported that information is also available on-line and through a webcast. He advised that the consultation process will take place over several months following the release of the discussion paper, and that written submissions will be invited.
  • A Board member recommended that the LAO Board Advisory Committees be included in this and other consultation processes.


A motion was made and carried that the Board receive the consultation and Communications Update.


A motion was made and carried that the meeting adjourn.