Meeting of the Board of Directors on October 11, 2012 | Legal Aid Ontario

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Meeting of the Board of Directors on October 11, 2012

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Board Members

John McCamus (Chair), Aly Alibhai, Nancy Cooper, Michelle Haigh, John Liston, James McNee, Derry Millar; Tim Murphy, James Yakimovich, Robert W. Ward, (CEO/Ex Officio)


Sue McCaffrey


1. President and CEO’s Report (receive)

  • The President and CEO presented the first instalment of the President and CEO’s Report, and highlighted the following:

2. The Future of Discretion

  • The consultation Paper on the Future of Discretion has been released and has generated mixed reviews from stakeholders.

3. Refugee Reform

  • The Refugee bar has expressed a number of concerns.
  • Comprehensive consultation will be undertaken with the Refugee bar relative to the cost savings issue as well as the need for a new service delivery model, given the federal government initiatives. The legislation comes into effect December 15, 2012, and the new model could be deployed in the new year.

4. Clinic consultation

  • LAO is engaged with the Association of Community Legal Clinics of Ontario (ACLCO) and the clinics on a number of issues, including development of a compensation framework and participating in the clinic strategic planning process.
  • Financial Update
  • LAO’s financial situation is favourable and the year-end cash position is sufficient to cover its financial commitments.
  • Anticipated savings were not quite realized. However, there is evidence of incremental increases in LAO’s overall services. Going forward, staff will track the number of individuals served in addition to services provided.

5. Compensation Restraint

  • The Board discussed the Ontario government’s compensation restraint legislation and its impact on management, staff and union negotiations.

6. Client Service Centre (CSC)

  • The CSC Report demonstrates a solid commitment to empirical data collection and sets a good example for the organization.

7. Human Resources Report

  • Workforce composition data indicates a decrease in sick leave levels. This statistic will be monitored closely as an indicator of the impact of workload demand, inadequate capacity and/or management issues.

8. Communication and consultation

  • LAO’s communication and stakeholder relations functions are in need of further expansion. Service providers will constantly be kept informed of LAO’s initiatives and underlying principles. While stakeholders will continue to be consulted, LAO decisions (i.e., increasing staff capacity, etc.) will be based on achieving the maximum benefit for clients and taxpayers.


A motion was made to defer the President and CEO’s Report to the October 12, 2012 meeting of the Board of Directors.