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Publications & Reources

Meeting of the Board of Directors on June 26, 2012


Board Members Present:

John McCamus (Chair), Aly Alibhai, Michelle Haigh, John Liston, James McNee, Tim Murphy, Robert W. Ward, (CEO/Ex Officio)


Nancy Cooper, Derry Millar, James Yakimovich


Lee David, Sue McCaffrey


1. President and CEO’s Report (receive)

The President and CEO presented the first instalment of the President and CEO’s Report, and highlighted the following:


  • External stakeholders have been consulted extensively regarding clarification of the discretion guidelines i.e.; that discretion is reserved for “exceptional” matters.
  • There was agreement that changes in the law have rendered the tariff inadequate in some areas, particularly in family law, and a review will be undertaken, however, discretion payments must not be used as a solution.
  • The Discretion Project will be perfected over the next few weeks.

Assistant Deputy Attorney General

  • Ali Arlani has been appointed the new Assistant Deputy Attorney General at MAG.

Association of Legal Aid Plans of Canada (ALAPC)

  • The President and CEO, the Vice-President, Policy, Research and External Relations and the former Vice-President, Strategic Planning and Compliance, attended the ALAPC conference in Yellowknife.
  • The former Vice-President, Strategic Planning and Compliance gave a presentation on performance measurement in the legal aid context.
  • The President and CEO was elected Chair of ALAPC. The Association is in the process of redrafting its by-laws and developing a communications plan for more systemic information-sharing and increased profile within the justice system.


  • LAO is consulting with clinics on a number of initiatives including the Compensation Funding Framework and visioning.

Director of Strategic Planning

  • A new Director of Strategic Planning has been seconded from MAG on a two-year term. She brings exceptional skills and expertise.

Staff Lawyer for General Counsel and Case Management and Litigation

  • Initially she will act as legal counsel in General Counsel Office and ultimately she will move to Case Management and Litigation.


  • Certificates are at or below expectations.

Judicial consultations

  • The Judiciary is supportive and encouraging of LAO’s direction. It has been suggested that a session be organized to brief members of the judiciary and address their concerns regarding unrepresented parties, etc.

Long Term Business Planning

  • LAO is undertaking an in-depth analysis and preparing a paper on its objectives over the next five years.

Board members discussed the corporation’s legislative obligations with respect to annual reports and were advised that the 2011-12 Annual Report is virtually ready for submission.


A motion was made to defer the President and CEO’s Report to the June 27th, 2012 meeting of the Board of Directors.