Publications & Resources

Publications & Reources

Meeting of the Board of Directors on April 19, 2012


Board Members:

John McCamus (Chair); Aly Alibhai, Nancy Cooper, James McNee; Derry Millar, Tim Murphy, Robert W. Ward, (CEO/Ex Officio)


Michelle Haigh, John Liston, James Yakimovich


Sue McCaffrey

1. President and CEO’s Report (receive)

The President and CEO presented the first instalment of the President and CEO’s Report, and highlighted the following:


  • LAO will introduce some suggestions for future direction that should guide clinics in the development of strategies for modernization and improvements in client service.
  • LAO anticipates achieving savings from the clinic program this year through vacancy management, surpluses and a modest amount of administrative savings.

Discretion Project

  • Internal decision-making on discretion has been positively impacted as a result of the project.
  • consultation with stakeholders on the discretion project is on-going
  • Implementation of the clarification of discretion guidelines will take place in September 2012.


  • There are some offsets available for the over-expenditures, i.e. vacancy savings and under-spending.
  • It is anticipated that LAO will end the fiscal year 2011/12 within $2 – 3M of projected budget.
  • LAO’s goal is to effectively serve as many clients as reasonably possible within its available resources.

Stakeholder Relations

  • Service providers are instruments of the delivery of service on behalf of LAO and LAO will support and assist them where reasonably possible, however, the message continues to be that LAO’s accountability is to clients and taxpayers.

Ministry of the Attorney General

  • The Chair and the President and CEO met with the Attorney General.

Certificate Management

  • LAO directed a number of family law certificates to mediation services, summary legal advice and staff services.
  • Through modernization, staff provision of direct client service has increased from 16% to 50%.

Enhanced Duty Counsel Program

  • The Enhanced Duty Counsel Program is achieving an increased volume of case resolutions by staff duty counsel.

Financial Eligibility

  • A long-term strategy is being developed that will include cost-efficiencies that can generate savings to contribute to funding an increase in financial eligibility.

Public Accounts Committee

  • LAO has been advised that it will be invited to appear before the Public Accounts Committee with respect to the Auditor General’s “value for money” audit of LAO.


A motion was made to defer the President’s and CEO’s Report to the April 20th, 2012 meeting of the Board of Directors.