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Meeting of the Board of Directors on February 2, 2012


Board Members Present:

John McCamus (Chair); Aly Alibhai, Nancy Cooper, Michelle Haigh, John Liston James McNee; Derry Millar, Tim Murphy, James Yakimovich, Robert W. Ward, (CEO/Ex Officio)


Sue McCaffrey


1. President and CEO's Report (receive)

The President and CEO presented the first instalment of the President and CEO's Report, and highlighted the following:

Budget Positions

LAO's financial situation has improved and the fiscal year will end close to financial targets. Certificates are now issuing only seven to eight percent over forecast notwithstanding the spike in Refugee demand.

Business Planning

The President reported that LAO senior staff have increased focus on budgets and certificate management to ensure sustainability of the initiatives to be undertaken in the new fiscal year.

Association of Community Legal Clinics Of Ontario (ACLCO)

  • The President reported on on-going discussions with the ACLCO regarding clinic budgets.
  • He reported on the consultation process with respect to administrative savings.

Lawyer Payments

  • The President reported that lawyer payments are presently at historically good levels.

Stakeholder consultation

The President reported that he and the Vice-President, Policy, Research and External Relations recently met with the new Presidents of both the Criminal Lawyers' Association (CLA) and the County and District Law Presidents' Association (CDLPA). He noted LAO's commitment to improve communications with all service providers and his intention to publish a quarterly statistical report to address some of the myths and rumours regarding legal aid.

Organizational Health Check

  • The President advised that LAO's deficit has decreased and the organization is moving forward on many initiatives.
  • He highlighted staff support for the overall strategic plan

Board Discussions

  • The Board discussed the recent communiqué from the out-going President of the CLA.
  • The Board discussed the potential for any additional funding coming from the Federal and/or Provincial Governments.

Federal Omnibus Bill- (Bill C-10)

  • The President reported that Bill C-10 could impact LAO in the first few years by way of more expensive trials and a requirement to increase the Big Case Management (BCM) budget. The actual costs will be closely analyzed to calculate impact.
  • The President advised that LAO could be more proactive by identifying and funding useful test cases.
  • The President reported on LAO's plan to reach out and work with other groups.

2012/13 Business Plan

The President advised that LAO's Business Plan has been delivered to the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Value-for-Money Audit

The President reported that to date LAO has not been called to appear before the Public Accounts Secretariat.

MAG-Agency Relations

The President reported on LAO's participation in the second in a series of "Agency Days" held by MAG, which provide networking opportunities for all MAG agencies.

Justice on Target (JOT)

The President reported on his discussions with the former MAG Senior program lead and current project lead with respect to the progress of JOT and the fact that LAO is responsible for only 2.9 percent of adjournments.

Board Tours of LAO Operations

The President suggested that future operational tours by Board members be scheduled to coincide with substantive issues currently coming before the Board of Directors.


A motion was made to defer the President and CEO's Report to the February 3rd , 2012 meeting of the Board of Directors.