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Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) regularly consults with stakeholders on new initiatives, and encourages panel lawyers and stakeholders to participate.

Open consultations

LAO support for clinic leasing and leasehold improvement

Consultations are ongoing


LAO has released a discussion paper that proposes to fund clinics' annual leasing and leasehold improvement costs based on the 2013 Ministry of Infrastructure Realty Policy space standards. This is a new funding model for clinic lease and leasehold improvement costs, and changes lease support services provided by LAO. LAO will consult with a clinic lease/space working group comprised of clinic representatives to develop concepts for an efficient and effective leasing policy.

Multilanguage Interpretation and Translation Services for Clinics and SLASSs

Consultations are ongoing


The purpose of this consultation is to initiate discussions with clinics on how to improve the effectiveness and accountability of interpretation and translation services.

Closed consultations

Case management and tariff pre-authorization

This consultation ran in Oct. and Nov. 2012


Case management provides lawyers with budgets on some complex, costly family and criminal law matters. Through the tariff pre-authorization pilot, LAO proposed to increase the number of pre-authorized tariff hours in certain priority areas.

Legal aid clinics consultations

Ongoing: Since 2008, LAO has engaged in ongoing consultations with legal aid clinics on a number of issues.


LAO has consulted with clinics on the clinic compensation funding framework, strategic plan, administrative costs, funding criteria and roles, responsibilities, relationships and accountability regarding clinic law services.

Community legal clinic performance measures consultations

Review sessions

These sessions ran between July and September 2014


LAO conducted review sessions with clinics to share the amended measures it developed on the basis of clinic feedback.

Draft clinic performance measures consultations

These consultations ran from Aug. to Nov. 2013


LAO consulted with community legal clinics on several performance measures it developed. These measures meet LAO’s legislative requirements for the delivery of clinic law services to low-income individuals throughout the province.

Clinic law services strategic direction

These consultations ran in May 2013


LAO consulted with community legal clinics on the paper Clinic Law Services Strategic Direction. It outlines the key objectives and principles that will underpin how the future of clinic law will be further developed to ensure the best possible client service in the most cost-effective ways.

Executive compensation framework

This consultation ran from Feb. to March 2018

As a requirement under the Broader Public Sector Executive Compensation Act, 2014 (BPSEC), Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) is developing an Executive Compensation Framework.

Discretion consultation

This consultation ran from May 7 - 25, 2012


Feedback from these consultations helped LAO develop guidelines to make the discretion request process clearer for lawyers while ensuring fair and effective stewardship of public funds in providing legal services to legal aid clients.

Domestic Violence Strategy consultations

This consultation ran from Sept. 2015 to Jan. 2016


LAO places a high priority on expanding access to justice for and providing services to individuals who have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence. A discussion paper, Development of a Domestic Violence Strategy, has been released to facilitate conversations. The consultation sessions are another step in a continuing effort to directly involve justice and social sector colleagues in shaping the future delivery of LAO's services and programs for clients who have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence.

Mental Health Appeals Program consultations

Phase 2 consultations ran from early 2015 to summer 2017


Individuals in the mental health system are a particularly vulnerable group. As part of Legal Aid Ontario's (LAO's) Mental Health Strategy, a program will be introduced to expand the availability of certificates and hours for appeals from decisions of the Consent and Capacity Board (CCB) and the Ontario Review Board (ORB).

Mental Health Strategy

This consultation ran from Dec. 2013 to Feb. 2014


LAO is developing a multi-faceted, multi-year mental health strategy to strengthen the capacity of lawyers, front-line workers, and management to better serve clients with mental illness.

Open government

This consultation ran from Nov. 2016 to Feb. 2017


As the momentum for greater transparency and accountability in public institutions continues to accelerate, Legal Aid Ontario is prioritizing open data, open information and open dialogue. We intend to develop a multi-year plan that will help us promote greater public awareness, understanding and engagement.

Development of a Racialized Communities Strategy

Winter 2017 to Spring 2018

LAO is asking for feedback and ideas on what it can do to enhance the services it provides to racialized communities.

Refugee and Immigration Law Services: Service suspension consultation

This consultation ran from May 23 to June 16, 2017


Between May 23 and June 16, 2017, Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) will be holding a series of in-person and online consultations sessions to address the need to temporarily suspend some refugee services.

Refugee & immigration panel standards

  • Fall and winter 2013/14: public consultations
  • Spring through fall 2014: consultations with Refugee Lawyers Association (RLA) representatives
  • October 2014: LAO's board approves new panel standards


LAO consulted on a second draft of standards (a proposed general standard and a proposed appellate standard) it developed for service providers who work on legal aid funded refugee and immigration matters.

Since December 2014, LAO has consulted with the RLA and other stakeholders to develop an application process that ensures fairness and transparency.

Refugee law services transformation

This consultation ran from Feb. to March 2013


LAO asked the refugee bar and stakeholders for their feedback on its proposed new refugee law services delivery model. LAO developed this new model in light of Bill C-31 and in consultation with stakeholders.

Delivery of LAO's refugee law services

These consultations ran from Nov. to Dec. 2012


LAO used this information to develop plans and create public legal information to ensure quality service for refugee claimants in light of new federal refugee legislation, and rising costs.


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