2014/15 support for clinics through Clinic Client Service Coordination Fund

LAO established the Client Service Coordination Fund to help poverty law service providers enhance access to justice for their clients by coordinating their services and resources with each other and with other community providers such as government, non-governmental, and social services agencies.

Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario and Canadian Environmental Law Association – Low Income Energy Network (LIEN) Project – $73,137

The LIEN initiative helps clinics advocate for energy-related matters and service to clients through outreach work, public legal education, and staff education on solutions to the barriers that low-income energy consumers face in reducing their energy consumption and costs.

ARCH Disability Law Centre - Bilingual Community Outreach Worker Project – $68,409

The clinic is using this funding to establish and enhance contacts and partnerships with disability organizations and community legal clinics province-wide.

Association of Community Legal Clinics of Ontario (ACLCO) on behalf of Knowledge Now – $80,000

The ACLCO is developing a durable knowledge-sharing infrastructure within Ontario’s community legal clinic system. The goal is to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, thereby improving services to clinic clients and communities.

Community Legal Assistance Sarnia – Baamsedaa Project - $83,512

An Aboriginal Coordinator was hired to provide effective and culturally appropriate services to the Aboriginal population in Lambton who require legal assistance and access to justice in civil, family and criminal matters.

Community Legal Clinic - Brant, Haldimand, Norfolk: Poverty Law Navigation and Coordination Initiative – $90,590

The clinic is developing and piloting a collaborative approach to regional systemic legal issues using the existing Legal Health Check Up project. The clinic’s project partners are the Hamilton Community Legal Clinic, Legal Clinic of Guelph and Wellington County and Halton Community Legal Services.

It is conducting an impact analysis of the expanded Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) medical review (disability status) currently affecting their clients and then developing a model to use sub-regionally with clients identified through the check-up.

Hamilton Community Legal Clinic Aboriginal Project – $78,640

The clinic will hire an Aboriginal Community Justice Outreach Worker to provide effective and culturally appropriate connection with Hamilton’s Aboriginal residents. This will foster and improve coordination and integration with other legal aid services in Hamilton and across all elements of the justice sector.

Hamilton Community Legal Clinic Mental Health and Addiction Program – $87,612

The clinic is developing a holistic and coordinated approach to mental health and addiction legal services through discussions with other mental health providers in the district and across the province.

HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario Community Hub – $9,450

The clinic is enhancing public legal education and community outreach work.

North Peel and Dufferin Community Legal Services - Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) Case Manager – $53,650

A non-lawyer has been hired to test methodologies of high-volume case management of Ontario Disability Support Program case files.

Parkdale Community Legal Services Online Immigration and Refugee Law Tool Project – $45,000

The clinic is developing an interactive, plain-language web-based interview tool to gather relevant information from the client for their Basis of Claim. The tool will help ensure dates are coherent and consistent, sort interview information, and generate a form for review and editing with the client.

Rexdale Community Legal Clinic Youth Justice Initiative – $75,000

A non-lawyer has been hired to provide a broad range of integrated criminal justice legal services to youth and their families. Services are available through the Rexdale hub in partnership with Justice for Children and Youth (JFCY) and Furthering Communities and Uniting Services (FOCUS) Rexdale.

Waterloo Region Community Legal Services and Legal Clinic of Guelph and Wellington County – Emergency Flex Funds – $5,000

The funding supports existing integrated wrap-around projects at both clinics by providing clients in crisis with access to flex funding. Such funds help clients through emergencies for complex issues related to mental health concerns, addiction and homelessness.