LAO Express

Vol. 14 - January 2013

How to submit refugee claimant PIFs/BOCs to LAO

Please use the LAOiFax cover sheet when sending Personal Information Forms (PIFs) or Basis of Claim (BOC) forms completed for refugee claimants. This will ensure that LAO can make a merit decision and, when appropriate, add additional authorizations to the certificate, within three business days - essential to help lawyers meet tight timelines under current legislation.

LAO will automatically route those PIFs and BoCs that arrive with the LAOiFax cover sheet to the appropriate department to assess whether to add further authorizations to the certificate. LAO will be unable to route and process these documents as quickly as possible if lawyers send them without the LAOiFax cover sheet.

Lawyers can access LAOiFAX cover sheets for PIFs and BoCs from the top right corner of Legal Aid Online's LAO Solicitor Home Page.

Step 1: Select LAOiFax link

Step 1

Step 2: Select 'Document Type' look up, then select either "Personal Information Form - Basis of Claim" or "Personal Information Form - narrative"

Step 3: Fill in the cover sheet.

Step 3

For questions or further information, please contact the Lawyer Service Centre
1 866 979-9934 or 416 979-9934 in Toronto

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