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Vol. 13 - December, 2012

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LAO Express: wrapping up refugee consultations, new LSUC lawyer status verification, and interim changes to LAO’s refugee law services

LAO wraps up consultations on refugee law services reform

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) has concluded a series of 13 consultations over the past month to review its delivery of refugee law services and address new federal refugee legislation, rising costs, reduced funding, and the ongoing need to provide value to taxpayers.

This information will be used to develop plans and create public legal information to help ensure LAO delivers refugee law services that meet our clients’ needs and address today’s challenges.

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New LSUC lawyer status verification

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) has developed a new initiative with the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) to verify the status of panel lawyers through an automated system.

When lawyers sign on to Legal Aid Online, they will be prompted to provide their LSUC number if their name or LSUC number don’t match our records.

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Refugee law services consultation feedback

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) is sharing feedback it received from stakeholders on the delivery of LAO’s refugee law services during 13 consultations between November and December.

LAO will use this information to develop plans and create public legal information to ensure quality service for refugee claimants in light of new federal refugee legislation, and rising costs.

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Interim changes to LAO's refugee law services after mid-December

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) will implement interim changes to its current model for delivering services to refugee claimants seeking protection in Canada on or after Dec. 15, 2012.

These changes will ensure that eligible clients receive legal aid coverage when Bill C-31 comes into effect.

LAO will announce a new model for delivery of refugee and immigration services early next year, after reviewing the feedback received during consultations with organizations, stakeholders, and individuals in the refugee determination system across Ontario.

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