LAO Express

Vol. 11 - October 17, 2012

Legal Aid Ontario begins case management and tariff pre-authorization consultations

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) is inviting family and criminal lawyers to register for consultation sessions on LAO’s case management and tariff pre-authorization initiatives, from Oct. 22 to Nov. 9.

LAO has agreed to requests for further in-person and web-based consultations so panel lawyers may provide additional feedback on LAO’s:

  • case management program for some costly family and criminal law proceedings
  • tariff pre-authorization pilot, which will allow additional hours for summary conviction trials and child protection status reviews thereby addressing counsel's dependence on discretion in these areas.

Family and criminal lawyers unable to attend a consultation session can still watch the case management and tariff pre-authorization presentations online and provide their feedback directly from LAO’s website. Information about the new initiatives and answers to common questions can be found on the consultation page.

LAO plans to implement case management, tariff pre-authorization and final discretion guideline later this year.


Case management and tariff pre-authorization consultation

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