LAO Express

Vol. 8 - April 2012

Important information about discretion

Between May 7 and May 25, 2012, Legal Aid Ontario will be reaching out to criminal, family and refugee lawyers in communities across the province for their feedback on proposed guidelines to improve the discretion request process.

Why reform discretion?

Discretion is a compensation tool that allows Legal Aid Ontario to approve, in exceptional circumstances, lawyers’ written requests for additional compensation above the hourly tariff rate.

Lawyers who represent vulnerable clients, manage complex cases or achieve extraordinary outcomes can apply to Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) in writing for discretion pay.

Discretion consultations

LAO will be holding consultation sessions through May 7 and May 25 across Ontario. If you are interested in taking part, please register for a session that you wish to attend (registration is free). We hope to have all sessions accessible either in-person or via video conference. You can also view the consultation session online on our video page.

Staying informed about the consultations

You can also stay informed about the process through our special discretion page on the Legal Aid Ontario website, our Hot Bytes Twitter account which will be using the #discretion hashtag and our Hot Bytes RSS feed.

We want your feedback
Here at LAO Express HQ, we’ve been working hard to find new and creative ways of improving how we communicate with you. We hope you’ve found the LAO Express helpful and we welcome your feedback on how we are doing.