LAO Express

Vol. 2 - February 2011

Legal aid news for lawyers

Legal Aid Ontario made two important announcements this week. Read the story highlights for more information, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about these exciting initiatives.

Complex Case Rate launches April 1, 2011

The Complex Case Rate (CCR) will be ready for the start of the new fiscal year. Part of the January 2010 Memorandum of Understanding, and developed after extensive consultations with the Criminal Lawyers’ Association, the CCR policy offers qualified panel lawyers an enhanced rate of compensation for work on complex criminal cases.

To qualify for the CCR, both the lawyer and the case must meet specific eligibility requirements. To receive the CCR rate lawyers must apply and be accepted to a newly-established CCR panel. Panel application information will soon be available on LAO’s website.

New, easy-to-understand financial eligibility test rolls out across the province

Legal Aid Ontario’s new simplified financial eligibility test is based on income, taking family size into account. By simply looking at the eligibility guidelines on LAO’s website, clients can now easily determine whether or not they will qualify for certificate services, as well as duty counsel and other legal aid services.

The new test is designed to have similar results to the previous test, and provides flexibility for vulnerable clients, particularly those dealing with mental health issues, or those experiencing domestic abuse. Clients eligible under the previous test will continue to qualify, and the new test is not intended to change certificate numbers.

You can also print a copy of our eligibility guidelines.

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