Better Billing Bulletin

Helpful Hints to Reduce Late Billing

The checklist below is meant to assist you with identifying and monitoring your billing deadlines and complying with LAO’s Late Billing Policy.

  • Review your certificate and indentify the billing deadline dates

  • Enter the billing deadline dates for that certificate in your software application (PC Law, Amicus Attorney) with a bring forward date 3 months in advance of your billing deadline. With MS Office Outlook, you can use the task feature to enter your billing deadline dates for each certificate and create a reoccurrence every three months.
    » Outlook 2007 Tasks or Outlook 2003 Tasks

  • Bill child protection accounts after the matter is completed. If there is a trial, bill an interim account within the time limits prescribed.

  • Bill criminal accounts when you set the trial date.

  • Bill criminal accounts after you complete each case/set of charges; do not wait until all matters are complete to bill criminal accounts.

  • Interim bill small accounts to meet your billing deadline. Do not interim bill for less than $500.00 fees and/or $50.00 disbursements unless you must meet the billing deadline or are submitting a final account

  • Review General Terms and Conditions for Panel Lawyers, Billing for Certificate Services

  • Contact Lawyer Service Centre for assistance (416) 979-9934 or 1-866-979-9934