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Legal Aid Ontario publishes two newsletters for legal aid lawyers to stay informed about changes that take place in the organization.

These newsletters are the LAO Express which covers recent and upcoming changes to Legal Aid Ontario and the Legal Aid Online billing portal and the Better Billing Bulletin (B3) which covers billing news from the Lawyer Services and Payments Department.


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Newsletter archive

An archive of all our newsletters can be found below. At this time, we are unable to email new subscribers back-copies of previous newsletters.

LAO Express

LAO Express

The LAO Express is an email based newsletter which details the current issues, projects and other events concerning Legal Aid Ontario.

Volume 16: February 2013

  • LAO expands its interim measures for refugee law services

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Better Billing Bulletin

Better Billing Bulletin

Help us pay you faster!

The Better Billing Bulletin is put together by LAO's Lawyer Services & Payments department as a resource for lawyers and their associated staff looking for information regarding tariff and billing practices.

Vol. 51 - Oct. 2016

This issue covers:

  • LAO expanding 2nd Judicial Pre-Trial (JPT) pilot project
  • New duty counsel forms
  • Discretionary payments after an audit
  • Dockets tips for refugee certificates
  • More on costs and settlements

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