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Expanded coverage for bail services

Friday, August 7, 2015

LAO is addressing systemic bail issues by expanding its coverage for bail services. Lawyers may bill for these services on certificates issued on or after June 8, 2015.

Bail variations

You can bill up to one hour to prepare and file a bail variation, or as a bail variation block on the certificate for the charges related to the bail variation, regardless of who conducted the original bail hearing. This includes matters where duty counsel conducted the original bail hearing.

Second bail hearings

As of June 8, 2015, you can bill up to three hours or as a related block fee for a second bail hearing under s.524(4) of the Criminal Code, if the Crown brings a s.524(4) hearing. This is regardless of whether or not you billed for a first bail hearing.

A first and second bail hearing cannot be billed for the same hearing.

Conducted and completed bail reviews

Authorized bail reviews on certificates issued as of June 8, 2015 are billable for up to 10 hours of tariff or as an increased bail review block.

Updates to Tariff and Billing Handbook

These changes along with LAOís recently announced expansion of legal eligibility are in the latest edition of the LAO Tariff and Billing Handbook.

This initiative is part of LAOís unprecedented multi-year expansion of legal aid services for low-income Ontarians.


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