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Certificate coverage for refugee lawyers

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Immigration and refugee lawyers can use the following less commonly-known LAO coverage for their clients’ benefit:

Reopening applications at the Immigration and Refugee Board

LAO may issue new basis of claim certificates and, if warranted, hearing coverage for reopening those applications that have been deemed meritorious at the Refugee Protection Division.

Similar coverage is available on a case-by-case basis to reopen applications at the Refugee Appeal Division or the Immigration Appeal Division.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Canada Border Security Agency and Canadian Security Intelligence Service interviews

LAO may issue 16-hour inquiry certificates in meritorious cases for preparation and representation in relation to complex and contested admissibility or eligibility interviews.

Conditional permanent resident with marriage breakdown

LAO may issue 16-hour inquiry certificates for preparation and representation for conditional permanent residents called to an interview or inquiry, where the person is a victim of domestic violence.

Note: Counsel is not required to provide a merit assessment for the above-noted discretionary coverage. LAO staff may contact lawyers for additional information.

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