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Important upgrades to Legal Aid Online platform underway

Posted: Monday, August 18, 2014

This December, you will be able to benefit from an upgrade to the LAO system that enables you to submit accounts through Legal Aid Online. The improved platform will:

“Our significant investment in this software upgrade will pay off substantially in continued compatibility with other systems, as well as new browsers and browser versions. Lawyers will experience the benefits every time they log in.”

— Michelle Séguin, LAO’s Vice President of Corporate Services and Chief Administrative Officer

  • maintain compatibility with other systems such as Mac
  • maintain compatibility with new browsers and browser versions
  • make Legal Aid Online more stable and easier to upgrade

This is one of many enhancements over the past few years that are making Legal Aid Online an increasingly efficient tool. Past improvements to Legal Aid Online have included:

  • accepting late invoices electronically
  • tracking billing limits online
  • making panel status information available
  • paying accounts with no discretion requests to the maximum tariff.

LAO will continue to notify lawyers in advance of any outages or other impacts to Legal Aid Online. LAO does not anticipate any major disruptions over the next few months.


Lesley Byfield
Director, Lawyer Services and Payments
Telephone: 416 979-2352 x6429
Toll free: 1-866-979-9934