Refugee Law Office implements recommendations of evaluation report

Posted: Tuesday, August 5, 2014

LAO initiated an evaluation of its Refugee Law Office (RLO) in 2013 in response to legislative changes and as part of its commitment to accountability and excellence in client service.

The resultant RLO evaluation report, Driving towards success, released in May 2013, recognizes the RLO’s high quality service and includes recommendations for cost-effectiveness and efficiency improvements. The RLO began implementing the report’s recommendations in October 2013, and will complete implementation by December 2014.

Status update: RLO evaluation recommendations

June 30, 2014

RLO recommendation


Vision & accountability

1.1 Undertake a mission, vision, values exercise Completed
1.2 Develop a strategic plan for, and annual business plans for RLO Completed
1.3 Develop accountability framework for case management Under development
1.4 Include all costs of cases in Legal Files with full budget management Expense procedure drafted
1.5 Develop knowledge management plan Under development

Organization & facilities

2.1 Implement File Management and document management File management partially implemented
2.2 Relocate reception Completed
2.3 Improve organizational structure Completed
2.4 Develop teams for case management Under development
2.5 Redesign RLO office space Completed
2.6 Develop and deliver training plan Draft completed

Policies & processes

3.1 Develop policies and processes for centralized intake Completed
3.2 Develop case management policies including use of Legal Files Under development
3.3 Develop and document process for each case type/ budgets Under development
3.4 Implement full document management within Legal Files Under development
3.5 Develop a RLO handbook Under development
3.6 Initiate a joint project with IRB to improve process flow Discussions under-way


4.1 Implement web based legal files including with training Completed
4.2 Transition responsibility for technology to business manager Completed
4.3 Procure tools -transcription and pdf conversion/portfolio software Transcription software may not be pursued due to cost and requirements. PDF Conversion/Portfolio Software to be procured.
4.4 Develop RLO specific requirements for web based Legal Files Partially completed
4.5 Integrate PS worklists with legal files Completed
4.6 Undertake review of legal files vs. other software Not to be pursued at this time


5.1 Tracking of Time, Duration and Cost of Cases- Reporting on Decisions Under development
5.2 Performance Measurements by staff, team and RLO Under development
5.3 Develop Balanced Scorecard Performance measures with regular reporting Under development


6.1 Tracking of Time, Duration and Cost of Cases- Reporting on Decisions Under development
6.2 Stakeholder/Employee Satisfaction Plan developed Under development
6.3 Review and formalize FLS requirements Not started
6.4 Incorporate Mental Health Strategy in documentation and feedback Not started


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