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Speedier payment of accounts

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Effective late April, to provide lawyers with faster payment and enable Lawyer Services and Payments (LSP) staff to address other accounts sooner, we will make the following changes to the system.

For accounts that include disbursement billing:

  • If your account is within the tariff, and the billing issue relates to disbursements, we will process and pay the fees portion of your account within 21 days, and the disbursement portion within 60 days.

  • You will now only have to enter your travel hours once. We’ve modified the system to automatically enter your total hours in the “Authorization” field.

  • The system’s threshold for disbursements now matches the intended threshold. In the past, when the disbursement limit for a matter was, say $200, your payment used to be held up because the system’s threshold was $150. Now both payment thresholds are the same.

For block fee accounts:

For block fee accounts, the system will base billing deadlines on the disposition date, rather than the service start date. As a result, final accounts with a disposition date more than 18 months from the certificate issue date will not be considered late. You must still, however, bill interim accounts for ancillary block fees (such as bail hearings) on time.


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