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New feature on Legal Aid Online to help lawyers submit bills on time

Friday, November 22, 2013

As of Nov. 25, 2013, panel lawyers will have the help of a new monthly report to remind them of the amount of time they have left to bill for legal aid work they have done. The report, which will be available through Legal Aid Online, will feature a “countdown” of all accounts due in 90 days or less and be updated monthly.

This new feature will help lawyers remember to meet their billing deadlines. It will also help ensure that they are not denied payment because they have not met LAO’s 90-day deadline for submitting accounts. LAO may not pay accounts that are not billed on time due to inadvertence or oversight.

In addition, this measure will reduce the volume of accounts that come in after the billing deadline has passed. LAO staff who would otherwise spend time processing the 20 per cent of accounts that come in late will be able to turn more quickly to processing discretion requests and other accounts.


Job aid: Viewing upcoming billing deadlines on Legal Aid Online


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