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Lawyer accounts now paid to tariff maximum within 30 days

Posted on: Friday, July 15, 2011

As part of a commitment to improve services for lawyers who do legal aid work, Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) is now paying lawyers faster.

As of July 17, 2011, all current and future accounts subject to the hourly tariff will be paid up to the maximum hourly tariff limit within 30 days of receipt. Requests for a discretionary increase will be processed within 60 days from the date the account was received.

Paying accounts to the tariff maximum within 30 days helps to streamline how lawyers’ accounts are settled by making it faster for lawyers to receive payment.

LAO provides billing services to over 4,500 panel lawyers who accept legal aid cases in Ontario.

For further information on lawyer payments, contact the Lawyer Service Centre at (416) 979-9934 or 1-866-979-9934.