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Sentencing and bail submissions eligible for Gladue Certificate Extension

Posted on: Friday, July 3/09

The Gladue Extension gives lawyers an added five hours on certificates to prepare submissions for bail hearings or sentencing for clients who have self-identified as Aboriginal.

Available since May 3, 2009 as part of Legal Aid Ontario's Aboriginal Justice Strategy, the Gladue extension is for preparing submissions on the factors that a judge should consider when sentencing, such as the "unique background and systemic factors, which may have played a part in bringing the particular offender before the courts." (R. v. Gladue [1999] 1 S.C.R. 688, para 69)

This extension is not for the purposes of writing Gladue reports and cannot be used as disbursement.

The certificate will note the extension is available by stating: "Additional 5 hours to prepare submissions on Gladue principles for Aboriginal client at bail hearing or sentencing under the Criminal Code or the YJCA." Lawyers with clients who have self-identified as Aboriginal should check if the criminal certificate has the authorization for additional time, and advise staff accordingly.

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