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The Law Foundation Announces Linguistic and Rural Access to Justice Articling Fellowships

Posted on: Friday, March 6/09

The Law Foundation of Ontario (LFO) is pleased to announce the creation of ten Linguistic and Rural Access to Justice Articling Fellowships. These Fellowships will fund articling positions for community legal clinics and Legal Aid Ontario to provide legal information and services to linguistic minorities and residents of rural and remote communities.

The LFO recently released a report it commissioned entitled "Connecting Across Language and Distance: Linguistic and Rural Access to Legal Information and Services" which describes significant barriers to access to legal information and services for people who do not speak English or French and people living in rural and remote areas and provides recommendations for improving their access to justice. One recommendation was that the LFO fund ten articling fellowships to serve these communities. The LFO has implemented this recommendation to increase, in a concrete and immediate way, the level of legal information and services available to these communities and to encourage students to consider serving these communities when they become lawyers.

The LFO is making ten articling fellowships available and inviting Legal Aid Ontario and community legal clinics to apply for these fellowships. A Selection Committee, whose members will be chosen by the LFO and which will be composed of distinguished leaders from the legal profession and persons with expertise in the legal needs of linguistic minorities and persons resident in rural and remote areas, will choose the successful organizations. Successful organizations will be funded to hire students beginning in the 2010 articling period and may be eligible to receive the grant for three years. Once an organization has been selected, it will choose a student through the articling process governed by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

The LFO is a grant-making organization that supports community participation in the justice system, promotes excellence in the legal profession and enhances access to justice. For more information on the LFO and the Linguistic and Rural Access to Justice Fellowships, please visit

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