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Online Certificate Acknowledgement enhancements

Posted on: Friday, January 25 /2008

Legal Aid Ontario is pleased to announce the following enhancements to the Online Certificate Acknowledgment application.  Lawyers can now acknowledge certificates through Legal Aid Online.

The new features include:

  • The data fields are no longer case sensitive. That means you may use any mix of upper and lower case letters when typing in a client's name.

  • We have added a feature to allow lawyers to see the certificates that have been acknowledged online. You may use this feature to view and print a certificate at any time if that certificate was acknowledged using the Online Certificate Acknowledgement application.

  • A new field called Intake ID has been added for use in a new Simplified Online Application project. This is NOT for general use. Please enter the client's certificate number unless you are part of the Simplified Online Application pilot and DO NOT have a certificate number to enter.

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