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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Legal Aid Ontario recently responded to questions regarding the 'Mini-putt suspects battling Legal Aid' article from the February 9 edition of the Barrie Examiner.

I'd like to provide further information to address the 'dump truck' issue reporter Tracy McLaughlin refers to.

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) has put measures in place to ensure that legal aid clients continue to receive high-quality service from their lawyers. Service providers are required to forward detailed information on all outcomes and appearances when submitting block fee accounts, and tighter controls have been implemented on LAO's billing portal, Legal Aid Online, to prevent practices such as the modification of service dates.

Legal Aid Ontario has also developed new audit, compliance and panel management practices to make certain lawyers comply with applicable LAO policies and procedures, including information verification systems.

As well, to ensure that the quality of representation is maintained at the highest level, Legal Aid Ontario has stringent panel standards which lawyers must meet to do legal aid work.

LAO's panels include family, criminal, refugee, Gladue (aboriginal court), extremely serious criminal matters, consent and capacity board and duty counsel. Of over 20,000 licensed lawyers in Ontario in private practice, 4,000 lawyers are currently on legal aid panels.

Kristian Justesen, Legal Aid Ontario


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