Enhanced expert rates

Vendor of record

In order to assist lawyers with finding experts, Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) will develop a vendor of record list of experts in a variety of fields that are commonly used in criminal defence.

The list will contain experts who accept legal aid rates, are recommended by LAO panel members, and who have, in unique circumstances, been approved to receive an enhanced rate on a case by case basis.

Inclusion on the vendor of record list will be based on these criteria.

The list of experts will be available to all lawyers on the LAO panel.

Legal Aid Ontario does not endorse any expert on the list. It is the lawyers responsibility to ensure that he/she retains the appropriate expert. Each expert is responsible for keeping LAO informed of changes to their contact information, qualifications and areas of expertise.

LAO invites experts to complete the vendor of record application form, and forward to the attention of:

Disbursements Analyst
Fax: 416-204-4710