For refugee and immigration lawyers

Sending LAO your BOC

LAO subject matter experts will assess merit for hearing coverage by reviewing your Basis of Claim (BOC). LAO will process and complete hearing amendments efficiently — within 72 hours — to meet the federal governments short refugee determination timelines.

To submit your BOC to LAO, use LAOiFax.

Getting started

  1. Once youve accessed Legal Aid Online, select the Communication tab.

    Screenshot of Legal Aid Online highlighting the communication tab
  2. Then select LAOiFAX

    Screenshot of Legal Aid Online highlighting the LAOiFAX link
  3. Fill in the requested fields. The From section will automatically populate from LAOs records.

    Screenshot highlighting the fields to be filled out
  4. To view the documents available for selection, click the magnifying glass to the right of the Document Type field.

    Screenshot highlighting the magnifying glass button
  5. Select Personal Information Form/Basis of Claim as the document type or your form will not be directed to the district office for processing.

    Enter the associated certificate. You can click the magnifying glass to the right of the field to use the look-up feature, or you can enter the certificate number manually.

    Screenshot of the look up document type page showing the options Screenshot of the form field for entering the certificate number
  6. Once you have filled in all the fields, the iFax reference number will appear at the top of the page. This number will ensure LAOs system routes your fax to the appropriate department.

    Screenshot highlighting the iFax reference number and the fax number
  7. After all fields have been entered, click the Print icon.


    • Always use the print icon to print the iFax cover page. Using the browser print function will not enable the special encoding required for LAOifax.

    • Please ensure that the Fax machine you are using is set to high resolution. LAOs technology can only process iFaxes with this setting.

    Screenshot highlighting the print icon