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Consultations - Operations review committee

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) has created a refugee services operations review committee to advise LAO on the implementation of changes to its refugee services program. The committee will provide input on the implementation of changes to LAOs refugee staff offices in Toronto and Ottawa, and the role of clinics, agencies, paralegals and the private bar in the delivery of refugee services, among other areas.

The committee will meet monthly (either in person or via teleconference) for a year, commencing in May 2013. It will be comprised of LAO management and staff and refugee stakeholders. The stakeholders will provide advice in their personal capacity and not as representatives of a particular association or agency.

Members of the committee include:

  • Jawad A. Kassab, LAO's executive lead, Refugee Services Transformation
  • Vicki Moretti, LAOs Vice President. GTA district
  • Warren Creates, Ottawa immigration and refugee lawyer
  • Aissa Nauthoo, Director, Legal Services, Centre Francophone de Toronto
  • Cheryl Robinson, private bar, Chantal Desloges Professional Corporation
  • Anne Woolger, founder and executive director, Matthew House refugee reception services
  • Aviva Basman, LAO's Refugee Law Office staff lawyer
  • Andrew Brower, LAO's acting senior counsel, refugee law
  • Maureen Hastings, director, administration, civil and immigration services, GTA District Office
  • Kristian Justesen, LAOs director of communications & stakeholder relations
  • James McNee, LAOs board liaison
  • Leigh Salsberg, refugee lawyer
  • Preevanda Sapru, refugee lawyer


If you have any questions or require further information please contact:

Jawad Kassab,
Executive Lead, Refugee Services Transformation

Maureen Hastings
Director, Administration, Civil and Immigration Law Services (GTA Region)