Information for lawyers

Interested in doing legal aid work?

As you consider your legal career, take a look at what legal aid work can offer. Legal aid work is a rewarding alternative to large corporate firms, and is an excellent way to make professional contacts and gain courtroom experience.

Legal aid work offers significant benefits to lawyers, including the chance to contribute to the improvement of Ontarios justice system by helping disadvantaged people. For many lawyers, the flexibility of legal aid work is an attractive career and lifestyle choice.

"Providing legal aid to low-income Canadians is an essential public service. We need to think of it in the same way we think of health care or education. The well being of our justice systemand the publics confidence in itdepends on it."

Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, Supreme Court of Canada

How to work with Legal Aid Ontario

Want to work on legal aid cases? There are two options:

  • Working as a private practitioner

    All lawyers who want to do legal aid work must apply to join Legal Aid Ontarios certificate and duty counsel panels. These panels detail the standards that lawyers must meet to work on legal aid cases in criminal, civil, and other areas of law.

    Find more information about panel standards.

  • Working as a staff lawyer with LAO

    When vacancies are available, Legal Aid Ontario advertises for these positions. Interviews typically consist of a small hiring panel comprised of staff from various departments, asking a series of questions.

    For more information, visit the careers page for current job opportunities.