Legal Aid Online

Legal Aid Online upgrade

Changes are coming to Legal Aid Online to help us offer a better billing experience for legal aid lawyers. Check this page for updates about the status of the upgrade and links to training resources once they are made available.

Key dates


Legal Aid Online outage begins

Please ensure you log-off Legal Aid Online prior to the outage beginning.


Major services unaffected

Legal Aid Ontario's website and the Lawyer Service Centre remain available for lawyers needing assistance. Services may be slower than usual.


Outage complete

The updated Legal Aid Online will be available to access at 12:00 p.m.


Update: Fixing Legal Aid Online access issues
Tuesday, Deember 23

Weve upgraded Legal Aid Online; please make sure your browser is compatible
Wednesday, Deember 17

Legal Aid Online system outage reminder
Friday, Dec. 5

Legal Aid Online will be... offline Dec. 11 to 15
Monday, Nov. 10

Important upgrades to Legal Aid Online platform underway
Monday, Aug. 18

What to expect during the outage


  • Will not be able to access Legal Aid Online
  • Cannot perform status checks or submit accounts
  • Our Friday Dec. 12 payment will continue unaffected as per our payment schedule, however deposit notices will not be available until Monday Dec. 15

LSP / Legal Aid Ontario staff

  • Staff will not be able to query status checks or perform functions like processing a change of solicitor until Monday, Dec. 15
  • LSC available to answer all inquiries
  • Potentially longer than normal wait times for assistance from LSC/LSP staff


  • Legal Aid Ontario remains available and open to assist low-income Ontarians over the phone, at LAO offices, or in-person at the courthouse
  • Potentially longer than normal wait times to speak with a legal aid representative
  • Some clients may require case funding decisions to be deferred to Monday, Dec. 15
  • Tasks that require utilizing data from Legal Aid Online, such as status checks, will not be available until Monday, Dec. 15


Lesley Byfield
Director, Lawyer Services and Payments
Telephone: 416 979-2352 x6429
Toll free: 1-866-979-9934