Accounts & Billing

The information on this page will help you reduce errors and ensure you get paid promptly. You'll learn everything you need to know about billing, from deadlines and payment schedules, to submitting accounts and more.

Contact the Lawyer Service Centre at 1-866-979-9934 for questions or concerns about billing.

How to bill

Find information on the billing process, and learn to bill accounts with fewer mistakes.

Online billing

Legal Aid Online is Legal Aid Ontario’s secure online billing portal.

Log into Legal Aid Online

Tariff & billing

Information on the legal aid tariff including a downloadable copy of the Tariff & Billing Handbook.


Lawyers are required to attach dockets to all hourly billed accounts submitted on Legal Aid Online.


Legal aid lawyers can claim disbursements to cover the costs of getting third parties to help prepare a case.


When legal accounts exceed the amount of time permitted under the tariff, lawyers must make a discretion request to have the additional time considered.

Block fees

Get the latest information on block fees, a fixed fee for common criminal charges.

Annual billing limits (hard cap)

Lawyers cannot bill more than 2,350 hours annually.

Billing deadlines

Timelines for submitting accounts for completed and interim cases.

Payment schedules

Timelines for the payment of accounts submitted through Legal Aid Online.

Billing Resources & Forms

Links to forms, manuals, handbooks and other billing references for legal aid lawyers.