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Family Law Information Program (FLIP)

Family Law Education for women (FLEW)

FLEW provides you with information, in plain language, in several languages, in audio formats and paper, on women's family law rights in Ontario.

General materials

Specialized materials

  • Aboriginal women
    English pages | French pages

    Ontario Native Womens Association (ONWA) has adapted seven of FLEWs information booklets by adding culturally appropriate imagery, case scenarios and, in some cases, new legal content to make the materials more relevant and accessible to Aboriginal women.

  • Jewish Women
    English pages | French pages

    Jewish Women International of Canada (JWIC) has produced a booklet outlining a Jewish womans civil and religious rights and obligations on marriage breakdown. JWICs booklet is available in English, French, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish and Yiddish.

  • Muslim women
    English pages | French pages

    The Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) has prepared this information to provide Muslim women with basic information about family law in Ontario as it applies to Muslim communities.

The rights of Francophone women in Ontario

This site has been designed to allow Francophone women in Ontario to have access to information on family law, criminal law, immigration law and other areas of law. They will also have access to resources and legal tools, information on legal issues and the opportunity to enroll in legal information workshops (in French only).

Community Legal Education Ontario

English pages | French pages

Since 1974, CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario / ducation juridique communautaire Ontario) has developed clear, accurate, and practical legal rights information to help people who have low incomes or face other barriers, such as language or literacy, to understand and exercise their legal rights.