Careers at LAO

Benefits of working at LAO

Throughout the province, low-income Ontarians depend on legal aid to ensure they have access to justice when they need it. Last year, Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) assisted over one million people through the community legal clinic system, duty counsel programs, the legal aid certificate program, as well as in-house family and refugee legal services.

LAO offers a range of legal career opportunities for people interested in contributing to its important mandate. Legal positions range from staff lawyer in our criminal, family or refugee law offices, to duty counsel, to ground-breaking policy/research work.

Here at LAO, we believe in providing a positive and supportive work environment for our employees. We strive to provide a fair compensation package, opportunities for advancement, access to continuous learning, and a balance between personal and professional lives. A legal career at LAO means you can do work that makes a real difference to people in need, in an environment that supports your career goals and provides you with the employment benefits you want.

Summary of employment benefits for permanent staff

Benefit Description
Community of service

Employees can make a difference in the lives of low-income Ontarians by giving them access to quality legal services.


17 paid vacation days are provided annually, and employees can carry over up to 17 vacation days to the following year.

Sick leave/short term disability

Employees have six paid sick days per calendar year in the event of illness/injury. Employees with a continuous absence of five to 120 days due to illness or injury are paid at 100% of salary, with appropriate medical support.


Three options are available, ranging from basic to "deluxe" packages, so employees can customize their benefits to meet their personal needs. Coverage, the level of reimbursement and annual maximums differ according to the option chosen.


Employees are eligible for the LAO pension plan after 12 months of continuous service. Pensions are vested immediately. LAO contributes 9.0% of each employees salary to the employees pension. Employees are currently required to contribute 6.0 per cent to 9.0 per cent of their salary to their pensions. They will be required to contribute 9.0 per cent of their salaries to their pensions starting in January 2019.

Business casual environment

Men are not required to wear suits and ties to the office!! Women can dress business casual. All employees can wear jeans on Fridays.

Flexible working hours

LAO promotes a healthy balance between work and family life.


More detailed information is available from the Human Resources Department, Legal Aid Ontario at